ONLINE CLASS - Sacred Breath: Learning to Play Native American Flute for Meditation & Relaxation

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Learn how to play the Native American style flute and explore how this healing instrument can be a tool for meditation and mindfulness. About this Event One of the wonderful things about playing the Native American style flute is you don't need any prior musical experience. This flute is based on a five-note pentatonic scale - there are no wrong notes! The focus is not on performing or playing 'perfectly' but on self-expression, meditation and improvisation. Playing the Native American flute can have some transformative benefits, such as:

Help manage stress and anxiety Promote relaxation and mindfulness Improve lung function and help reduce heart rate Plus, it's really enjoyable to play and promotes more harmony in your life!

Students are encouraged to have a Native American style flute . If you need help finding a flute, please contact Bonnie prior to the class.