My Story

I can hardly remember a time when I wasn't a musician.  Music is what defines me.  It's the space where magic occurs.  Sometimes, I become so involved with playing or improvising or recording that time stands still... or zooms ahead.  When I'm playing music, I feel right with the world.

Where I live in the world is Albuquerque, New Mexico - with my husband Matt and our two dogs.  New Mexico has its own kind of magic - and it's a great place to explore one's creativity.  I'm inspired by our rich cultural history and wild, open landscapes.  Here, I work as a freelance musician - where I can perform, build my therapeutic music practice and teach .   

A good teacher is so important, and I've been able to study with some really wonderful ones, including Karen Rolston, Jose Corral, Grant Wolf, and Eric Hoover. I've also participated in master classes given by amazing flutists like Julius Baker, Lew Tabackin, Jim Walker, Ali Ryerson and Keith Underwood.

I received my Bachelors of Music Degree from Arizona State University back in 1989, but I'm always looking for new opportunities to study.  In 2009 I began playing the Celtic harp. This launched me into the world of therapeutic music and I became a Certified Clinical Musician in 2011.   From newborn babies to actively dying patients, I've been able to use the powerful effects of music to help people feel better.  It hardly gets better than that. 

When I'm not working and playing in Albuquerque, I'm traveling  - and music is a vital part of my travel experiences.  From playing at the top of Egypt's Mt. Sinai at dawn for hundreds of pilgrims, to jamming with Turkish musicians on a street corner in Istanbul, to playing with some of the best jazz musicians in Merida, Yucatan Mexico, music enriches my travels and connects me to people in a way that nothing else could.  I can't imagine leaving my flute at home any more than I would leave my passport.

Next steps include recording projects, recitals and expanding my therapeutic music practice to include more expressive arts workshops. Stay tuned!